Sobyanin announced the launch of a “consumer portal”, where everyone will complain about stores

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Sobyanin announced the launch of a “consumer portal”, where everyone will complain about stores

Muscovites will also be taught on the portal to “defend their rights.” In the service sector, of course.

In fact, the launch of such a service was announced long ago: last year, Prime Minister Mishustin declared at a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers, that citizens should be able to quickly and easily make complaints about the quality of goods and services, if they arise.

Today Sergei Sobyanin announced the launch of such a service for Moscow residents. Mayor’s blog came out a note under the heading “Protection of rights 24/7. A new project of the Government of Moscow and Rospotrebnadzor” (as they say, unprecedented Moscow comfort).

The service is calledMoscow Consumer Portal“. According to the mayor’s office, the purpose of the service is to teach the consumer to defend their rights. There are many articles, videos and online courses.

The scope, judging by the description, is large. “Citizens can learn about typical conflicts that arise when buying goods and services, and how to properly resolve disputes with the seller. It also contains information on specific issues. For example, what you need to know about the rules for the exchange and return of children’s toys, what are the features of buying jewelry, how to purchase tickets online without risk, order plastic windows and use electronic payment systems, ”Sobyanin writes in a blog.

And they entrusted the “electronic assistant” with collecting complaints. This is such a constructor of typical claims and lawsuits related to consumer protection issues. The finished document is downloaded – and then it can be sent to the seller or to the court.


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