Smolny apologized for the incident in the park, where an autistic boy was driven with a mop

Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg Fedor Boltin made an official apology for the disgusting incident in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Kirov on Elagin Island, where an employee of a private company renting a pier attacked a boy with autism. At the same time, the aggressor insulted the mother of the child, and also used a mop, hitting and frightening the child.

“I promptly requested all the necessary explanations from the directorate of the Central Park of Culture and Culture, – said the head of the committee to which the park is subordinate. — According to them, the employee of the company has already been fired. Measures will also be applied to the organization itself to prevent the recurrence of such conflicts. I am sure that the dismissed employee will also be held accountable if the competent authorities see other violations in his actions, in addition to obvious unethical behavior.”

The official brought, on behalf of the park administration and the cultural committee…

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