“Skladnishe, nizh ochіkuvalos”: how to try to negotiate about the candidacy of the EU of Ukraine

Rickard Yuzvyak, the editor of the radio station “Vilna Europe”, told about it on his side on Twitter. Cream of that having commented situation discussed by Ukrainian political scientist Dmytro Sherengovsky.

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Who has a problem

Rіkard Yuzwiak wrote that we should negotiate the status of candidates for Ukraine and Moldova, that the deacons of the country-members are hanging, that we will decide whether to give the candidacy deshcho other powers in Europe.

Negotiate about the status of candidates in Ukraine and Moldova in European Radiation appeared somewhat folded. Deyakі kraїni want to give the status of a candidate first for Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– respecting the journalist.

Political scientist Dmytro Sherengovsky said that “prejudice” is on the self. For yoga words, easing the process of moving such borders, like Austria and Slovenia.

For the rest of the 30 minutes of the cup, let the tweeters from the media know that Austria and Slovenia are staring, that the status of a candidate is required to be given to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also to sit for decisions on Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. I understand that “Austrian grandmother” wants to choose the Habsburg lands, but be careful there with principles,
– Ironically the expert.

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