Show yourself cool and scary, – Piontkovsky said, who pidzhu Lavrov

About tse 24 channel said the Russian publicist Andriy Piontkovsky. For yoga words, in Russia there is one more divine, whom they call “faced deputy minister.”

Up to those It looks like the Kremlin has a vacancy, – Piontkovsky about Putin’s ailment

Read about the intercessor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergiy Ryabkov. The Russian publicist explained that in 2021 he threatened fate, that he needed to pick up his belongings and climb in 24 years.

Vіn tezh take the fate of the “casting”, but not the presidential one, but the “ribbentrop” one. Vіn obviously pіdsidzhuє Lavrov, showing himself cool and scary,
– said Piontkovsky.

The publicist added that Ryabkov to the mark of 23 roubles, declaring that in Russia at the next hour they will receive not diplomatic, but practical croques, moving the hour of diplomacy past. “Vіn hotіv, schob we all understood, scho vin to talk about viysk kroki”, – even vin.

Cynical statements by Sergiy Ryabkov

  • At the red wine in yesterday threatening with the “nuclear button”. Sergiy Ryabkov, stating that “Russia is demonstrating the ideology of a cold-blooded nuclear war,” and the sound of the western lands in the opposite country is unsupported.
  • And if Sweden and Finland announced their intention to join NATO, Ryabkov, having begun to spread out with threatening tensions. Movlyav, “Finland and Sweden definitely don’t have security”, it’s obvious for Russia.
  • And in this fate, ahead of the full-scale invasion, I declared that Russia will not attack Ukraine. Ryabkov cynically stated that the Kremlin does not plan any “aggressive actions”.
  • And in the birch, Sergiy Ryabkov said that the Russian military would look at the deliveries of Ukraine from NATO lands as “legitimate targets.”

Marvel at the interview with Andriy Piontkovsky:

Before the word, Piontkovsky also said that through the failures of Russia in the war against Ukraine, it’s already not a problem Putin can spend his power. Those who come after a new one will be such abominations, but they will happen to go on serious deeds.

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