Shoigu, stating about the “terminal necessity” to improve the defense of Russia and Belarus

Behind the words of Shoigu, the Ninishni furnish “necessity dictates vzhivannya termіnovih svіlnih zahodіv“How to strengthen the defensiveness of the offensives of the lands. About the settlement of Putin, having declared to the Russian propaganda ZMI after the sound of the Belarusian Viysk vysokoposadovtsy.

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Russia and Belarus are planning to use a common term “to strengthen defense”

It is significant that during the course of the meeting the officials of the ministries of the krai-aggressors discussed the military-political situation, the supply of the military-technical defense between the departments of the two krai, the preparation for the joint operational warfare, I will call the union so nutrition of the so-called “patriotic vihovannya” young.

Dodamo, what did you say about Khreninim, Shoigu, giving a comment to the Russian propaganda ZMI voicing on the need strengthening “defensiveness” with the lowest conditions.

Circumstances dictate the need for the introduction of terminological joint approaches to the strengthening of the defense capacity of the “allied power”, the promotion of the combat readiness of the regional grouping of military forces and the single regional system of counter-defense,
Shoigu said.

The Russian minister urged that such children become “more and more relevant”, and Russia is ready to give encouragement to “Belarusian friends”.

Return respect Belarusian succumb that the economy is beginning to fall apart, – representative of Tikhanovskaya

Before the word, the urgency of such realities is strengthened, even a series of “bavovni” in Russia continues. So called “cottons” on the territory of the aggressor country and far away mooning:

  • Under Moscow 23 worms spalakhnuv plant s preparation of farb. As a result of the incident, the days of life collapsed – there were 10 places with easily borrowed speeches.
  • Tim an hour near Buryatia there was a power outage – there was an accident at the Gusinoozersk GRES. In Ulan-Ude, as a result of the incident, they put down their own tram and stopped working the lights.
  • Days earlier, the Viysk part fell near the Bryansk region. Unique later burned a lot of Russian technologyyak, ymovirno, was repaired after the fighting in Ukraine.
  • Not far from Moscow, near Sergiev Posadi, after a meal on the territory of the optical-mechanical plant – s-pomіzh іnshhogo, there was prepared and іysk’s optics.
  • I recently caught fire Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery near the Rostov region, which is tied with the squad of Viktor Medvedchuk. One public video shows the refinery attacking an unmanned drone.

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