Shoigu explained how mobilization will be carried out in Russia

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told how the partial mobilization will take place. In total, 300 thousand people will be called.

“We have a huge resource, almost 25 million of those who served and have a military specialty. They plan to call for one percent of the total mobilization resource,” Shoigu said.

These are the Russians who:

– have served;
– have a military specialty;
– have combat experience.

“300 thousand reservists will be called up. This work will be carried out according to plan. It does not provide for a “wide-cut harvester”. Coincidentally, according to our plans, we were going to hold mobilization fees. Therefore, we are canceling the planned fees and, of course, we will be engaged in partial mobilization,” the minister added.

He added that no one will mobilize students. Partial mobilization also does not apply to those who serve on conscription – they “will serve as they served on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

“The line of contact is now more than 1 thousand kilometers, and, of course, what is behind the line must be secured and these territories must be controlled. It is for this that partial mobilization is carried out, ”concluded the head of the military department.

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