SHAMAN Reveals Plans To Help Aspiring Artists

The author of the hits “Let’s Get Up” and “I’m Russian” announced his intention to open his own production center.

According to Yaroslav Dronov, better known as SHAMAN, this fateful year for the history of Russia became a turning point in his career as well. After the release of “Stand Up” and “I am Russian”, the singer was lucky to receive, without exaggeration, popular support. Now the artist believes that he must justify such a colossal credit of trust, develop and move on.

So, SHAMAN said that he was never a “producer project”, and in fact, he produced himself. And in connection with the development of his creative activity logically, there was a need to reach a new level.

“Today I announce the launch of my own production center. It will be called the same – SHAMAN and will at first promote my work, organize concerts and tours, interact with the press and, of course, release new songs and videos, ”- the singer said in his Telegram channel.

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But that’s not all. SHAMAN, as you know, has been involved in music since childhood and professionally for more than 15 years. Now he wants to use all the experience gained for good – to help young and talented guys, aspiring artists, poets, composers, directors … All those who need support to make themselves known.

About how the singer plans to help novice talents, he promised to tell in detail in the very near future. And here he definitely has something to share. After all, to his pinnacle of glory, he walked a rather long and thorny path.

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