Seven main news of Ukraine and the world at 19:00 June 23 – news from Ukraine, Politics

1. INFORMATION ABOUT “THE STORM OF KHERSON” AND NEW WEAPONS ON THE FRONT HARMS APU – MINISTRY OF DEFENSE. The publication of information about the alleged liberation of several streets in Kherson or new weapons at the front harms the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar (more).

2. UKRAINIAN PILOT IN F-15 AND F-16 FIGHTERS. EDUCATION BILL SUBMITTED TO CONGRESS. A bill has been registered in the US Congress, which, if passed, will enable Ukrainian pilots to start training on F-15 and F-16 fighters (more).

3. THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT CALLED TO GIVE UKRAINE AND MOLDOVA A CANDIDATE STATUS IN THE EU. The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it called on the heads of state and government to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of an EU candidate “without delay” (more).

4. TECHNOLOGY, BANKNOTES, FUEL: BRITAIN EXPANDED SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA. The sanctions include a ban on the export to the Russian Federation of goods and technologies related to the production of chemical and biological weapons (more).

5. HIMARS ALREADY IN UKRAINE. REZNIKOV PROMISED “HOT SUMMER” TO RUSSIAN OCCUPANTS. American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems have already arrived in Ukraine, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said (more).

6. RUSSIA HIT NIKOLAEV WITH ROCKETS. TWO MORE INTERCEPTED NEAR ODESSA, ONE IN POKROVSK. Russia launched another missile salvo at Nikolaev: three ground-based cruise missiles launched by the enemy from the occupied territory of the Kherson region reached their targets (more).

7. EQUIPMENT WILL BE REMOVED IN BELARUS, MAY BE THROWED TO DONBASS OR NEAR KHERSON – GENERAL STAFF. Belarus will reopen equipment that can be transferred to the Donetsk or Kherson directions (more).

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Vadim Rebrina

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