Sergiy Prytula at his National Day, having voted about the selection of coins on “Bayraktari” for ZSU

41 rec. The person knew that he would still appreciate it, if the shanuvalniks from their days of the people ask for donations from the Prytuli fund, so that they can buy everything necessary for our zahisniks. Sergiy virishiv robit just like that.

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Sergiy Prytula collects pennies for “Bayraktari”

At the same time, I dreamed only about one thing – about our victory, I encouraged him that I didn’t need gifts and pathos of hospitality. Together with the team of his beneficent fund, Sergiy, work everything in order to bring victory closer. Therefore, on the day of the people, having voiced about the selection of funds for three strike drones “Bayraktar”, as a help to our defenders at the front. For whom it is necessary to take over 500 million hryvnias.

The sum is gigantic, and yet we all piled on all at once – people, business, then shut it down. I believe in those that for the next day we can collect pennies for the purchase of three “Bayraktariv”,
– voicing Prytula.

Three pennies, as people already donated to the Sergiy Prytuli Foundation, saw 2 million dollars, lost 13 million dollars. Prytula called Ukrainians to become co-authors of the video of the warriors, as if to show the blind results of the “Bayraktariv” work. Sergius ask the shanuvalniks not only to donate, but also to spread the information about the large-scale selection, so that more people would know about it.

Costs are colossal, but how much more dear for the life of our warriors? Expand your appendix! Fund your project! Usim light!
– called Sergiy.

Prytula voicing about the choice of money at “Bayraktari”: watch the video online

The charitable foundation of Sergius Prytuli signed the agreement, with a view to any plan to bring 3 attack drones “Bayraktar” and transfer them to the counter forces of the ZSU. The hour for the collection of bones is weekday. Today we will publish news about those who are trying to pick up the money. A Ukrainian blogger has arrived before the collection Igor Lachen, which has already repeatedly helped to curtail the cost of our wars. Earlier, together with Pritula, collecting pennies for help cars. The lad is naked, the skin hryvnia is really important.

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