Sergey Sosedov: money takes revenge on me, they always deceive me

As the journalist and TV presenter Sergei Sosedov admits, he appears on the TV screen only for a fee. Sergey told us about his first salary and his difficult relationship with money.

– I was 17 years old when I worked for several days as a courier in the Gudok newspaper and received my first money – 17 rubles, – remembers Sosedov. – In general, my salary was 70 rubles a month, which for a teenager is quite decent money, you could live on it. And for those 17 rubles, I bought a beautiful large porcelain cup, painted with flowers. It is still in our family today. Why a cup? What could be bought? Things? So I had enough clothes. And I really liked the cup.

Sergey Sosedov

In general, I have a bad relationship with money – they don’t like me, maybe because I’m calm about them. There was no cult of money in our Soviet family. All my life I have been losing them, for example, a few years ago I lost 10 million rubles in the Yugra bank, which was slammed. I often don’t get paid. I have always had the lowest fees than others. If I buy something somewhere, then they definitely deceive me. For me, the market is some kind of wolf’s lair, I always pay more than it’s worth. By the way, in the markets I choose goods according to people, I buy only from those who I like. So money takes revenge on me for not putting them at the forefront. But I don’t starve, I don’t beg, I dress decently. Although I don’t have any frills and expensive purchases, I like to spend money on travel, I have already traveled half the world. And I love it! However, I would not want to live abroad, after all, I feel better in Russia. Compared to Moscow, many world capitals are like villages. What kind of freedom and wealth are there?! People are all scared, they walk like silk! I go there only to look at something new for me, museums and so on.

When I am called to participate in any television programs, I act only for a fee. I do not work for free, this is not greed, but a principle. At one time I worked for free, that’s enough! And this money helps me to travel.

Photo: NTV, VKontakte Sergey Sosedov

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