Sergei Burunov reported on his health after hospitalization

The actor was hospitalized the day before in one of the capital’s hospitals with a coronavirus infection.

As it became known, Sergey Burunov received a positive test for covid on September 14th. However, he was treated at home. The decision to hospitalize him was made after the actor felt worse. Doctors now assess his condition as satisfactory. And Burunov himself told reporters that according to the results of the examinations carried out in the hospital, everything is in order with the lungs and there is no reason to worry.

“Yes, I was hospitalized, everything is fine with me,” — said the actor to journalists “StarHit”.

By the way, Sergey Burunov takes his health extremely responsibly. At the age of 45, he regularly undergoes medical diagnostics and encourages all his fans to do this, becoming the face of the Healthy Moscow social advertising campaign.

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