Seeing ostrich farm in Donetsk region was bombed by the occupiers: the creatures perished

An ostrich farm and a petting zoo are located near the Limansky district, on a galyavin pine forest. It’s a pity that the Russian zagarbniks paid back Liman for the sake of grass, and Yampil with it.

Up to those The Russians robbed a pharmacy near the occupied Horlivka and cynically called the ZSU in the shelling

A majestic number of creatures lived near the zoo

If the Russian zagarbniks themselves bombed the farm, the journalist did not specify. Surrounded by ostriches, a majestic number of creatures and birds lived near the zoo: bears, camels, antelopes, wild boars, wolves, buffaloes, nutrias, fallow deer, porcupines, borsuks, deer, horses, donkeys, swans, paviches, pelicans, pheasants and others.

It was not possible to bring someone from the baggers to the cob on the cob of a large-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

Russia is now killing civilians in Donetsk region

Ochіlnik Donetsk OVA Pavlo Kirilenko introduced, that in prodovzh 23 Russian worms drove 6 civilians in the Donetsk region: 3 near Prishib, 2 in Avdiivtsi and 1 near Chasovoi Yar. Another 5 people were wounded.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to establish the exact number of people driven by Russians near Mariupol and Volnovas. Without urakhuvannya tsikh settlements, on the 24th of the fierce Russian zagarbniks drove in 526 civilians of the Donetsk region. More 1362 took off the wounded.

Situation in Donetsk region:

  • On Donetsk directly Russians shell the pods of the Ukrainian troops from the barrel and rocket artillery, mortars and tanks along the line. With whom, the enemies are shelling the civil infrastructure.
  • The enemy will sooner establish control over Mykolaivka. At Bakhmutskoye, the Russians fired at the positions of Ukrainian troops near the settlements of Mykolaivka, Berestov, Klinovo, Toretsk, Novoluhansk, Pokrovsk, Lugansk and Kodema with artillery of various calibers. Russia led an airstrike near Klinovoe.
  • It’s a pity, it’s restless in paid off Donetsk. So, the occupiers mercilessly walk around Donetsk and Makіїvtsі, ruined houses, schools and childish gardens, to push the blame onto the ZSU. It’s a pity, to kill the civilians, the shards of the occupiers rarely make a signal of renewed alarm.

Before those – the enemy rushed from pivdnya to Lysychansk: marvel at the video

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