Seeing off the first month of summer: the weather for the weekend 25 – 26 Chernivtsi

In Mayzha, on the entire territory of the country, according to the data of, the temperature is comfortable, which is indicative of seasonal indicators. Vinyatok is becoming less and less deyakі zahіdnі region and Crimea.

Weather forecast for the weekend

Saturday is the week of the day Skhodі, Pіvdnі, Pіvnochі ta in the Center of Ukraine thermometers show +24…+27 °С, on entry – +25…+29 °С. On the Zakarpattia, in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions speculative weather is expected – up to +33 ° С. Try not to sleep in the sun from 12:00 to 15:00 and do not waste your time drinking tonic tea, or take it with lemon. At Krimu well it will be cold for tsієї pore rock – + 22 … + 24 ° С. It is practical to spend nights in all regions of Ukraine, the temperature becomes +13…+16 °С (in Odessa and Donetsk regions – +18…+19 °С).

Meshkantsy shidnyh and pivdennyh regions, Poltava, Kirovograd and Cherkaska regions for a walk on a weekend, it’s a good idea to take a parasol and a planner – a thunderstorm is possible on the day. In a week, doschі also pass by Vinnitsa region.

For allergy sufferers, varto buti protect

All over Ukraine On 25–26 chervnya, a high concentration of herbs is left in the window. If you suffer from allergies, spend your weekends in the city, and seeing nature, do not forget the mask and spray based on sea water for a clear empty nose.

Monday weather

The weather is clear with a slight cloudiness to rise on 27 chervnya mayzha in all Ukrainian regions. Lishé in Zaporizky, Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, as well as Krimu the weather on the cob of tizhnya will be gloomy and woody. The temperature again during the day becomes +28…+30 °С, and less often in Zakarpattia thermometers rise to +33…+35 °С. Nights in most regions stay up to +15…+17 °С, at Donetsk, KyivOdessa and Zakarpattia regions – +19…+20 °С.

People’s note and vіruvannya

Yakshcho on Peter’s day, 25 chervnya, the sky was obscured by white gloom, gardeners and summer residents were ready to prepare. Tsya national prikmet obіtsyaє no bar a great city, for the sake of trimming under the hand of a splinter. And the axis of the foggy evening with dew, now, guaranteeing good weather in the coming days.

On the day of Akilini, 26 chervnya, our ancestors strove for clods: as if bjoli actively flew from the very cloak, and the moshwa was taken in clubs, the coming day could be calmed by clear and warm weather.

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