Schroeder refused to break with Putin and believe in "return" Crimea

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In interviews with RTL policy chief Nikolaus Blome and STERN editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz, Schröder ruled out breaking ties with his friend Vladimir Putin: “I have repeatedly condemned this war. But if I personally distance myself from Vladimir Putin, then will it benefit at least someone? Schroeder confirmed that at the end of July he again met with the Russian President in Moscow.

Schroeder in an interview: “I’m not like that”

Why he does not want to distance himself from Putin, Gerhard Schroeder explains this: “Am I obliged to jump over every stick that is set up for me? I am not like that. In this matter, I have made decisions and I will be faithful to them. be helpful. So why should I apologize?”

After his recent meeting with Russian President Putin, Schroeder is confident that the conflict in Ukraine can be ended through negotiations: “The good news is that the Kremlin wants a negotiated solution.”

Schroeder also said that he did not believe in the return of Crimea to Ukraine by military means. “The idea that Ukrainian President Zelensky will return Crimea by military means is absurd,” Schroeder said.

“It’s good that someone else keeps the channels of negotiations with Russia open”

In addition, Schroeder said: “I get a lot of letters from Germany saying it’s good that someone else is keeping the channels of negotiations open with Russia in this conflict.”

In order to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine, Germany must play an important role, the former chancellor believes: “Of course, Germany and its government have a special responsibility, including together with France. Not enough is being done in this direction now, this is my impression, because one thing is clear: it will not be possible to do without negotiations. And now the fundamental question. Look, I do not want to take over the role of an intermediary from anyone in the government. But why should I stop my contacts, which are possible from a legal point of view and which will not put anyone in a difficult position? me or my family?”

Schroeder about pressure on him because of Putin: “I wanted to protect my family too”

Schröder was impressed by possible EU economic sanctions against him personally, but said: “There are still judges in Germany who can make sure that doesn’t happen.” Asked if the imminent sanctions could limit his economic activity and make him financially incapacitated in the near future, Schröder said: “I don’t know. and those small ones.

In addition, Schroeder said that he refused a position on the Board of Directors in the Russian energy concern Rosneft and did not even take the high-paying position offered to him at Gazprom: “Why did I go there? I wanted to protect my family too. they can still come up with in their sanction frenzy.”

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