Santa Dimopoulos saw Borodyanka and showed the ruynovaniya dіm, de dosi people live

The great soloist of “VIA Gri” and the partner of Santa Dimopoulos spent the war in Italy, but not long ago she decided to come to Ukraine. For days she visited Borodyants, as the Russian troops were attacking.

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Santa Dimopoulos saw Borodyanka

Borodyanka has become a symbol of the Ukrainian fight against the Russian zagarbnik. Although the main street of the village mayzhe is completely ruined, diplomats and leaders of the European countries often come there. That’s where Santa Dimopoulos waved. Vaughn drove through the streets of the place and showed the ruination of one of the houses, where people live, there is nowhere else to go.

Words can’t express how much the Russian world has been. People live at this booth, because they have nowhere to go,
– shared the artist.

So Santa Dimopoulos showed her grandmother, as she didn’t leave the place, because she didn’t want to leave her dogs. Already turning to Kiev, the star returned to that Russian audience, as the dossi was signed on it and vvazha, that in war “not everything is so simple.”

“To write to me at once. To the one who has everything unambiguously in the war. To the one who has good and evil here. The future is gone. For the pennies that Russia spent on the blame of our people on that land, she could have contributed from her clay that article “The greatest power in history. But there are creations to create, and others – to underestimate, spit. Some choose to bear love, others fear, ruin that violence. And all in life, you can always vibir. I wrote my own for a long time,” .

Santa Dimopoulos near Borodyants / Photo from instagram story Santi Dimopoulos

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