Russians were hit in the Sumy region with phosphorus shells: a video of the ruin was shown in the OVA

The shells of the occupiers were blocked by shelling during the shelling of the Yunakivsky bulk with Grads. About tse povidomiv head Sumy OVA Dmytro Zhyvitsky.

Return respect For the beginning of the month, Russia 320 times fired at Chernigiv and Sumy regions

Results of the shelling

Dmytro Zhivitsky said that the use of phosphorus munitions was blocked by international conventions. However, the Russians in some cases committed military malice.

The head of the OVA published footage of the attacks on the occupiers. Information about the victims of the infection is clarified at a time.

Results of shelling in Sumy region: watch the video

Yak d_yati pid hour of phosphoric bombardment

First help pid the hour of injury with white phosphorus:

  • Zanurte poshkodzhenu part of the body near the water. Water or soak the skin and clothes with water there, de є drops of phosphorus.
  • Yakomoga shvidshe varto pozbutisya dyag, to which bits of white phosphorus stuck. Take care of your clothes. The best thing is to roam beside the water.
  • If you wake up attire, wash the wounds of the villagers with soda powder (add 1 teaspoon of soda to one glass of water) or with cold water. Soak the skin and dry the visible parts with phosphorus (bazhano under water) with a non-sharp object or tweezers.
  • For the feasibility of the opik, cover the varto with water bandages. The stench may be oozing with fizrozchinom, so as to prevent the re-burning of phosphorus.
  • Having consumed phosphorus on objects, you can extinguish them brightly by pouring water and sizzling with sand or soil, until the phosphorus ceases to reach the sour.

What is the situation in Sumy region

The Russian occupiers are not able to attack the territory of Chernigivshchyna and Sumyshchyna from their territories. At the same time, as Andriy Demchenko, a riverman of the State Prikordonsluzhby, declared that the Ukrainian side did not guard Russia’s side for the formation of forces for a repeated shock attack.

However, the Russian invaders fired on Sumy and Chernigivshchyna 320 times less than an ear of wormwood. For example, at least 22 chervnya occupants to the wound to shell the Sumy region. The Esmansk and Novoslobidsk masses ate a blow. 20 “additions” were fixed with a zahal.

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