Russians to impoverish roads and bridges to Lysychansk with helicopters

The occupants led the airstrike on the way to Lysychansk

About tse stating the head of the Luhansk regional viyskovoi administration Sergiy Gaidai. For yoga words, the Russians are impoverished from the helicopters of the road and the bridge that leads to Lysychansk.

Varte respect Gaidai showing the rest of the attack of the defenders near the industrial zone of Sevrodonetsk

At Friday, 24 chervnya, Gaidai said that the occupiers had ordered air strikes on the road to Lysychansk. As a result of the shelling, the city was damaged, and now only light vehicles can pass through.

Ochіlnik Luhansk OVA stating that the vantazhіvka to the place by the bridge is no longer passable. Also, after publishing a photo and a video of a recent ruin.

Photo and video of the collapse of the bridge in Lysychanska

Lysychansk’s situation is becoming tense

  • At the chervny in Lugansk OVA, it was stated that Russia began to launch mass attacks on Lysychansk, erasing the place from the face of the earth. At the General Staff of the ZSU, 24 chervnias were alerted that the enemy was shelled near Lysychansk with tanks, mortars, barrels and rocket artillery. Let’s face it, the military aggressor was hit on Lysychansk by aviation.
  • The MVS was told that Lisichansk was not slain by Russian troops, but they got ahead of it, that there is a serious risk, what will happen. Khoch 23 worms at the General Staff of the ZSU povidomili, that the Ukrainian forces sounded the advance of the enemy near the direct outskirts of Lysychansk. The Russian soldiers had a chance to see the money.

Up to those Lisichansk is thriving, the defense is tight, – Gaidai

  • Vodnochas Sergiy Gaidai 24 chervnya informing that Russians may be successful in some settlements on Lysichansky straight. The evil forces of Russia are poking out at the bіk mіsta from the side of Zolotoy and Toshkivka. Gaidai rozpoviv, that the Russian DRG penetrated the outskirts of Lysychansk, and then the Bula was vitiated by the Evil Forces of Ukraine.
  • Also, an honorary officer of the Luhansk OVA, stating that the occupiers will have a lot of equipment. Six installations for launching Tochka-U missiles flew directly from Starobilsk to Lysychansk.

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