Russians seized Horske, Lugansk region: they entered from two sides – the head of the VA – news from Ukraine, Politics

The Russians have captured the Gorska bulk of the Lugansk region, although there are still minor battles on the outskirts. This was told by the head of the military administration of the Gorskaya community Aleksey Babchenko on the air. Espresso.

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“Unfortunately, as of eight in the morning, the Gorskaya bulk is completely occupied. There are minor local battles on the outskirts, but the enemy entered, despite the fact that there was a strong and reliable fortified area in the Zolote region, the second echelon of which we began to build at the beginning of the big war “Babchenko said.

He said that the breakthrough was made from the direction of Orekhovo – Toshkovka. The invaders entered from two sides: one part went to the rear (Mirnaya Dolina, Podlesnoye, Loskutovka), and the other part moved in the direction of Gorsky and Zolote.

According to Babchenko, the Russians are now setting up an occupation regime in the Gorskaya community. About 4,000 people remain there, the evacuation and delivery of humanitarian aid has been impossible since Tuesday, since all the roads were already uncontrolled or shot through.

  • Today the Ukrainian military repulsed the attack to Lisichansk, but received a command to move away from Severodonetsk. Also, Russian forces took possession of Nikolaevka.
  • The head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergei Gaidai, said that the Russians were destroying roads and bridges leading to Lisichansk from helicopters, and showed video bombed out bridge.

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