Russian troops will receive a knockout from the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the exhaustion of forces in the Donbass

US Army General Mark Gertling notes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are receiving additional military assistance and expanding their supply lines. This will make it possible to deliver a tangible counterattack.

The former commander of the ground forces in Europe, US Army General Mark Gertling compared the confrontation between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the RF Armed Forces with a heavyweight boxing match. According to him, after the exhaustion of Russian troops in the battles in the Donbass, the Ukrainian army will launch a knockout counterattack. About this officer wrote on your Twitter.

“Severodonetsk, Popasnaya, Dibrovnoe (near Izyum), Rubizhne, Zaporizhzhia – in all these places there is a counter-punch. This is a heavyweight boxing match. In two months of fighting, there has not yet been a knockout. This will happen due to the devastation of Russian forces” Gertling wrote.

The general noted that the partisan movement of Ukraine in the Kherson region is depleting the enemy’s forces, which is why the outflow of Russian troops to the south is taking place. In the future, the number of personnel of Russian units will only decrease, while the resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will grow, including through the supply of new military equipment. Therefore, the West must continue to provide support, says Gertling.

The general also comments on the course of the fighting in the Donbass from the point of view of the moral and psychological state of the Russian military. According to him, there is information that the units of the Russian Federation are poorly staffed. Due to the lack of personnel, entire units refuse to go into battle. Desertions have also increased as units have problems with food and soldier rotation.

“The Russian troops are in unfavorable circumstances. The morale of the soldiers is extremely low and not improving. Squads report poor conditions and extremely poor leadership,” writes Gertling.

At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually receiving additional military assistance and expanding their supply lines. The general notes that the morale of the Ukrainian defenders is still high, but the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are quite tired.

Earlier it was reported that according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russian troops on June 22 continued to move north to Lisichansk along the western bank of the Seversky Donets River. The invaders also tried unsuccessfully to gain access to the most important Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway.

Ukrainian defenders received a batch of American M777 howitzers that did not have a GPS system. According to the Department of Defense, this is due to the fact that the US government and manufacturing companies restrict access to certain technologies in times of war.

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