Russian tankers continue to deliver naphtha to European ports in violation of sanctions, – investigation

It is necessary to investigate the organization, as it will deal with the relevant corruption and organized malice. Experts confirm that the Russian company has conferred the right to power over ships based on subsidiaries in Cyprus in the United Arab Emirates and sailing under the ensigns of Liberia.

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Russia to circumvent EU sanctions

The U.S. and the EU have imposed sanctions on Sovcomflot from the fierce United States. Sanctions were small for the period of the step-by-step introduction, first of all they were imposed on full rank on 26 January for the USA and 15 January for the EU.

OCCRP revealed over 18 tankers to Sovcomflot, assigned to the transfer of ships from the company’s financial position for 2020, and left the ports for the rest of the month. Leather from them transporting palevo to the average sum of over 240 million dollars. You can check your movements in real time on the Maritime Rukh website.

If the sanctions are full of decency, the deacons from these ships have turned their transponders of rotting, then none of them can be done. Among the tankers of Sovcomflot, although the trackers did not chime in, it was fixed that one went straight to the USA on the cob of grass, and then it was redirected to Pivdenny Africa and quickly renamed.

Yak Russia to circumvent sanctions

The OCCRP has sent at least five other tankers that recently arrived from the docks in Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands after the EC sanctions were imposed. Who buys naphtha, how Sovcomflot supplies, is unknown.

Sovcomflot and the operators of these ports have been sanctioned, the ship’s sails are under Liberian ensigns, and the company is operating through its subsidiary companies in Cyprus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Subsidiary company “Sovcomflot”, like uninterrupted ships, is also based in the UAE, wanting to lie with the Russian state.

Sovkomflot’s endorsement of various bases and flagships reflects the Russian sussilla to help elimi- nate the last sanctions, and to bring in experts.

Nafto embargo for Russia

Australia, Canada and the United States of America, on the cob of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, blocked the import of Russian oil. And Great Britain promised to work until the end of 2022.

Pіslya tsgogo ЄS having delivered the sixth package of sanctionsI will purchase, import or transfer oil, which is transported by sea. Ale, the process will be carried out step by step: it is planned to start working on crude oil until December 5, 2022, on oil products – until February 5, 2023.

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