Russian Syrovinn Traders Leave Switzerland: Like a Place to Become Their New Capital

Russian firms are actively moving from Geneva to the business capital of the UAE. Go about Dubai. Main reason – Sanctions against Russia, as if to intimidate them to change the strategy. Switzerland, as the most homely country with neutrality, simplifies the situation with Moscow.

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Russian business changes location

For ten years, Switzerland has been a home for intermediaries, as they helped Russian pickers know buyers all over the world. Also, a stronger sanction is provoking the migration of Russians to the Persk Stream.

Today, it seems that three of the largest Russian oil companies work on the assessment of the capital of the OAU for their trading operations. Same as a sprinkling of firms have already overtaken tse robiti. Narazi vydannya podomlyaє pro 3 giant companies from Russia, to actively conduct negotiations with Dubai to expand their activities at the main city of the Emirates. Go about:

  • Rosnafta,
  • “Gazprom Naftu”
  • “LITASKO” – a follow-up to the Russian energy company Lukoil.

Water hour for the Center for Common Goods and Trade near Rotterdam Wouter Jacobs, trade from companies from aggressor powers be trivati. Adding wine, the jurisdiction of the Close Skhod and the Skhod will play an ever greater role in the sector of trade in syrovine in the regions with European centers.

Little by little, sanctions have made trading easier for Russian state-owned firms, including those that transport Russian syrovina. Unofficial so-called sanctions themselves have also become a problem banks forfeited credit lines, which are important for financing, and shipping companies and insurers also apply pressure to Russians his services.

See that the official of Geneva affirmed its neutral status and encouraged to strike against the defense of Ukraine. Vodnochas evropejska krajna following the evrosoyuz to enter all tuzhnіshi obmezhennya on deyakі comrades and banks. In addition, this decision can also be taken to the extreme from the nearest honour, the leader of Russia, Volodymyr Putin.

Against the backdrop of this Dubai, which is unique in imposing sanctions on Russian physical and legal systems, having taken away a chance. Relocation of business to the Persian Gulf will strengthen competition for Switzerland, as it is considered one of the important centers of light trade in syrovinny goods.

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