Russian generals to squeeze into the homeland of the occupiers

For tribute, the 24th channel in the Ukrainian special services, the 39th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Chervonopraporna, recognized the chimalih vtrat as a protracted combat action. Through the filthy security, the marginally inadequate setting of the command, that setting up the head, as if it was impossible to vikonate, the occupants realized that they didn’t want to get drunk in Ukraine.

wonder so Thousands of wounded: from all over Russia to bring medical staff to Rostov and Belgorod

Zagarbniks have spent a penny motivation, even before “Vanyok” it was diyshlo, that to inspire chimali for the Russian worlds pennies in an everyday rank do not need them at hell.

Massively become guardians of sick relatives

  • Shards at the Ministry of Defense of Russia pieced together such things that they can’t open the contract for the hour of requisitioning, but they can’t turn around from the war, they have to choose different options for legal “leakage”.
  • So, the occupiers of the 39th brigade, after the final signing of the contract agreement, began to massively become guardians of sick relatives.
  • The contractors massively go to their mothers and ask for a penny to organize for them the necessary dovidki.
  • Having looked at the documents, “Vanki” for the joy of running up to the command, it seems that they can turn around at home to look after the grandmother with a child, like “raptov fell ill.”
  • The appearance of a sufficiently large number of “opikuns” among the contract soldiers of the brigade became the mass floor, but they did not restore respect in the Russian generals.
  • At the Ministry of Defense, the krajni-aggressors issued an order to the commanders of the armies to kill everything, without becoming critical of the personnel at the front.

Shards of the staff officers of Russia are less likely to be in order to save their plant and regularly sing about successes, the stench immediately began against the new scheme. Surely, the colonels and generals did not start to motivate a special warehouse, the stench squealed in the homeland of military servicemen.

Russian officers quickly organized the gathering of mothers and squads of contractors near the military districts, for an hour they were full of propaganda and threats. All the speeches of the headquarters staff were aimed at those who “defend the fatherland” may tie their shoes to the last. The relatives of the military men of mischief were repeatedly asked not to accept the slander of the military servicemen in the course of participation in the war, they said about the inscriptions of such diy that they pulled on the possibility of being urged to help “vodkosity”. Natomist to these squads and mothers, yak vplyut on the warriors, they gave chimali “premiums”.

Global control over the military is taken

As soon as a large number of people advance, who are forced to go on the attack and go to Ukraine, Russia does not see any critical strikes of people. At rich military commissariats and centers, recruitment from glibints є chergi z bajayuchih to go to war for 100 – 200 thousand rubles per month. The only problem for Putin is that the majority of volunteers do not have a combat record, but it’s important to get them right here and now from the logistics point of view.

They’ve grown up, as if they’ve already visited the battlefields, otherwise, for a long time, they didn’t reduce the rotation, they motivate that building to fight, and even if the general retains control over them. We will sufficiently show the fact that recently the guards began to give offal to the occupants. With all the number of soldiers, if they did not turn to the front voluntarily, it was apparently small. Of course, it’s not worth it to fight in the wake of all the troops of the occupying army, but, unfortunately, Russia could come to terms after spending tens of thousands of people, the death of a great number of generals, commanders of the headquarters of those intercessors.

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