Russian generals are exterminated inside the Russian Federation

During the full-scale invasion, the Russian military leadership learns about new layoffs every month.

Dvornikov led the Russian mercenaries during the hostilities in Syria / photo Wikipedia

In Russia – a general fall – who is liquidated, who is judged, and who is simply deprived of a bread place.

Journalists of the FreeDom project talk about what kind of Russian generals they are talking about. So, Lieutenant General Viktor Voronov is an army logistics officer, deputy head of the military district for material support. He was responsible for the Southern region, which borders Ukraine. He answered because now he is one of those responsible for the weakness of the Russian army and has the status of a defendant.

The prosecutor’s office accuses the generals of embezzlement, they say, he spent money not on the “second army of the world”, but on the arrangement of his own house.

What is the message, how out of 10 reactivated Russian tanks that were supposed to be sent to war in Ukraine, only one was on the move.

By coincidence, the attention of the security forces to the general supply manager coincided with the appointment of another general – Surovikin, who leads the southern front of the Russian army. The latter replaced in his post another General Dvornikov, who led the Russian mercenaries during the hostilities in Syria.

Putin’s purges have reached the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The line of resistance between the FSB and the generals shows that the army is losing. The Kremlin’s latest decree states that Viktor Goremykin will be the new head of the military-political administration of the Russian army. From the beginning of the 2000s, he worked in the personnel department of the Ministry of Defense and rose to the rank of chief head of the department. Now he is responsible for the patriotic desire of Russians to go to the slaughter.

During the full-scale invasion, the Russian military leadership learns about new layoffs every month. The crazy flow of personnel can have two explanations – either Putin’s frantic desire to win at least some kind of victory in Ukraine, or fear that a new general of Alexander Lebed’s caliber would not accidentally grow up in Russia. He was the first and so far the last military man to publicly challenge the Putin regime.

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense reported that since the beginning of June, the Russian high command removed several generals from key operational command positions in the war against Ukraine. The forces in the Donbass were led by General Sergei Surovikin.

The removed generals include Commander of the Airborne Forces (VDV), Colonel General Andrey Serdyukov, and Commander of the Southern Group of Forces (South Group of Forces) General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov, who also served as the Chief Operational Commander for some time.

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