Russian fleet viviv from Sevastopol 6 missile-carrying ships

As if having seen the head of Odessa OVA Sergiy Bratchuk, apparently, 5 out of six ships are ready to hit Ukraine.

important There are problems in the crew, – Bratchuk about the landing ships of Russia beating Odessa

Behind the words of Bratchuk, 5 missile-carrying ships chat in a straight line.

What is the situation in Odessa

The head of Odessa OVA boasted that the Ukrainian soldiers made 5 hits to the enemy, causing great losses to the enemy. In the middle of the night in Odessa and the region passed the first alarm signals.

After the expansion of timchasovo-occupied territories, zokrema, Kherson region, Odeska region promotes the spivvіtchiznikі in the necessary amount of grain crops. Trimaёmo strіy that time to win,
– voicing Bratchuk.

Occupants endure the storm

Behind the tribute OK “Pivden”, a camp for 24 chervnya near the pivnіchno-zahіdnіy part of the Black Sea will be very stormy. Also, I’m afraid of the enemy for an hour at a time to hide in the points of base. Narazі on stіykіst to maritime ailments vyprobuvan know the crews of 4 missiles and 3 great landing ships.

The threat of missile strikes is being removed

In the operational command “Pivden” they say that the threat of a missile strike from the sea is too high, but not including strikes from the timely payback of the territories of the Crimea and Kherson region. Also, for attacks on Ukraine, the enemy can defeat strategic aviation.

A storm can drag sea minis to the shore
Even though the stormy weather hits the ships of Russian zagarbniks, at the same time it increases the risk that sea miniatures can drift in the waters.

Also, remember and call on the safety that is to be found in the coastal waters and on the coast of the entire Pivdenny region. Do not be fooled by the rules of the day and night of the time of the alarms, by the front fences, like the first line of directing to save your lives,
– they voiced in OK “Pivden”.

Apparently, the plans of the zagarbniks are to hang troops to bury Odesa. At one time, the Russians cannot think of such a possibility.

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