Russia will not be able to completely capture the Donbass before winter

Donetsk region pinned down almost 50% of all enemy forces.

Armed Forces of Ukraine hold back Russians in Donbas / photo

The main forces of the invaders are now slowly advancing towards Bakhmut, but to capture the entire Donbass before winter, they are unlikely to succeed.

This is reported “RBC-Ukraine”.

According to international analysts, the climax of the Russian offensive in the Donetsk region may end even before attempts to capture Sloviansk or Bakhmut. Military expert Nikolai Beleskov noted that few people know the real state of the regeneration of Russian resources.

“Therefore, there is a chance that they will continue to move slowly. Perhaps it will not be as fast as they stated. For example, taking the entire Donetsk region by the end of August will obviously not happen. After all, a significant part of the region remains under our control. besides, these are urbanized areas,” Beleskov explained.

Military expert, Colonel Sergei Grabsky added that Ukraine probably will not be able to liberate the occupied territories in Donbas in the next four months. According to him, the advantage of the enemy in terms of forces and means today exceeds the capabilities of the Ukrainian army by 3-5 times.

“Until the winter months, the enemy will not be able to capture the entire Donetsk region. They do not have time. The pace at which they advance is 5 kilometers in two weeks, that is, 10 kilometers per month. This means that at such a pace they can advance another 50 kilometers. The Donetsk region is now fulfilling a very important task, since it has pinned down almost 50% of all the forces and means of the enemy,” Grabsky summed up.

Recall that earlier the General Staff reported that the Ukrainian soldiers repelled the assaults of the invaders in two directions, fighting in the Donbass.

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