Russia showed that during the invasion it is necessary to protect every piece of our land – the head of the Polish Defense Ministry – news from Ukraine, World

The Polish authorities concluded from full scale invasion Russia to Ukraine and what the occupiers are doing: in case of aggression, every piece of Polish land must be protected. As writes RAPMariusz Blaszczak, head of the country’s Ministry of Defense, said this on TVP Info.

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According to him, this war is reminiscent of World War II – “what we remember from history.” He said this through the prism of the fact that “Russians [снова] commit war crimes.”

“Therefore, the first and main conclusion: we must protect every piece of Polish land, and so it will be,” Blaszczak stressed.

He added that for this, there should be two army divisions in eastern Poland.

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The Deputy Prime Minister of the country emphasized that the HIMARS MLRS ordered in 2019 will be in service with the Polish army next year. In addition, the government has ordered another 3,500 missiles and 600 Piorun MANPADS launchers, which have proven themselves well against Russian aircraft in Ukraine.

Blaszczak said that about 20 billion zlotys (~$4.5 billion) are provided for the army for 2022 and 2023 this year and about 49 billion zlotys (~$11 billion) next: “These are big sums, but modern weapons cost money and it’s an investment in our security.”

He criticized Germany for still not being provided by agreement (“we are Soviet tanks to Ukraine, and the FRG is modern “leopards” for us.” — Note. ed.) armored vehicles, and emphasized that Poland should not rely solely on the allies for defense.

“If the Ukrainians had not defended themselves so courageously, the world would not have supported them. The main approach should be that we develop the armed forces and count on the support of our NATO allies,” the head of the Polish Defense Ministry said.

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