Russia may announce mobilization by staging a terrorist attack

This can be done using anti-terrorism legislation.

In Russia, they can adjust the conditions for the announcement of mobilization / photo from UNIAN

Russia will not be able to declare mobilization without a reason, since before this it is necessary to introduce martial law. To do this, the occupiers can use anti-terrorist legislation.

This was told by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in YouTube.

According to him, there are three levels of terrorist threat in Russia: green, yellow, red. Now in the regions bordering with Ukraine, the level of terrorist threat is yellow. We are talking about the Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk and Rostov regions.

If the aggressor arranges another terrorist attack on its territory, for example, a missile strike, which allegedly will be delivered from Ukrainian territory, this will increase the level of the terrorist threat to red. This level provides for the introduction of martial law.

Zhdanov noted that in Russia they could arrange several terrorist attacks throughout the territory and start a military mobilization campaign.

“Remember how the second Chechen campaign began – 10 explosions of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk,” the expert recalled.

Recall that earlier military expert Mikhail Samus said, will Ukraine withstand the mobilization announced in the Russian Federation.

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