Russia is getting ready to fire up great reserves in Donbas, – British intelligence

Such information about the plans of the military-political activity of the aggressor power was established by the investigation of Great Britain.

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Strong shells try to strike, the shards of Russia are trying to hoop the area of ​​Sevrodonetsk through Izyum at the pivnochi and Popasnu at the pivdni. Russia, better for everything, is getting ready to try to fire up a great number of reserve supplies in the Donbas,
– to move with the helper.

What is seen in Donbas

For the tribute of the American Institute of War, the Russian army pushes up to Lysychansk from pivdnya. Having developed such a tactic of occupation, it is possible to mitigate that Zakhist, like a Ukrainian military, gives the Siversky Donets. Fakhіvtsі vvazhayut that zagarbniks start attacking the place already in the future of the nearest season. Fights, ymovіrno, will be protracted. So Lisichansk will repeat the scenario of Sevrodonetsk and Mariupol.

Zranka 22 chervnya at the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was told that the Russians would continue to maintain the main susilla on the Sevrodonetsky and Bakhmutsky directions in order to enter the administrative cordons of the Lugansk region.

Cream of that in Slovyanskomu directly occupant want to create mind for coming. For this stench, the positions of the Ukrainian military battles of Novo Dmitrivka, Osinivka, Kurulka, Ivanivka and Adamivka are being shelled.

Up to those At the gathering, the formation of the stars of the enemy was revealed, part of the forces were brought to rest

On the 21st day of the Sevrodonetsk RVA, Roman Vlasenko announced that Toshkivka rebuvay under the control of the Russian Viysk. The day before that, the head of the Lugansk Regional Viysk Administration, Sergiy Gaidai, showed that the ZSU had lost control over Metyolkin, that Sevrodonetska was.

On the evening of 21 chervnya at the General Staff they announced that occupants occupied the Pіdlіsne and Mirna Dolina. In addition, the fortune-teller began to close up the battle of Ustinivka.

May we please you – operational information about the situation at the front, camping on early 22nd worm: video

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