Russia hands over bodies of cruise ship crash victims to Japan

Russia will hand over to the Japanese authorities the bodies of two Japanese from the KAZU 1 cruise ship that sank off the coast of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido at the end of April. This was reported on June 24 by the NHK TV channel.

The dead, who were found off the coast of the Russian island of Kunashir, were identified using DNA analysis. They turned out to be one of the crew members of the ship and a passenger who lived in Hokkaido.

It is noted that in the near future the parties will agree on the timing and method of transferring the bodies of the dead.

The ship KAZU 1 went missing off the coast of Hokkaido on April 23. There were 26 people on board, including two children. It was possible to find the bodies of 14 victims of the shipwreck, the rest are currently considered missing. As a result of searches initiated at the request of the Japanese side in Kunashir, which is the southernmost island of the Great Kuril Islands, Russian rescuers found the bodies of two people.

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