Russia began to reactivate T-64A tanks to transfer them to the war (photo)

Officially, the T-64 is not in service with the Russian troops, which is probably why there is no data on how many of them are in storage.

In Russia, a train with T-64A and T-72 tanks removed from storage was seen. About it informs Defense Express.

There were images from the Russian Ural echelon with T-64A and T-72 tanks. Probably, he is heading to the Donbass to make up for the losses of the Russian Federation. T-64A tanks are the first production version of armored vehicles. It is noted that this is an obsolete modification of the tank with the old TPD-2-49 gunner’s sight and a weak gun stabilizer.

pulling troops to Ukraine

Echelon with T-64A tanks

According to the authors, the T-64A has 20-30% less firepower than the next modification of the T-64B. The tank can be modified to the T-64B level by installing a laser sight, but most likely the RF Armed Forces decided to send them in this form.

At the same time, officially the T-64 is not in service with Russia. Also, there is no information in the public domain about how many of these tanks are in storage.

t-64 sun rf

T-64A is the first serial version of the tank

T-64 is a development of the Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau with production at the Malyshev plant. From 1963 to 1987, over 13,000 tanks were produced. It is the main battle tank in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in various modifications.

As a reminder, on June 21, it became known that Ossetian battalion “Alania” received T-62MV tanks.

June 18 a convoy of Russian T-62s was spotted near Popasnaya. The tanks were in the T-62M version and with “braziers” on the tower.

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