Rural population on the rise in South Korea

In South Korea, an increase in the influx of people into rural areas was recorded. This is reported by Yonhap News, citing data from the Statistical Service and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

According to published data, in 2021, the population of rural settlements increased by 4.2% year on year, and the number of households increased by 5.6%, to 377,744, which is a record since 2013.

Of particular note is that people under the age of 40 accounted for 45.8% of those who moved to rural areas.

Experts believe that this fact is related to the search for work against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and affordable housing due to rising real estate prices.

The number of people who moved to fishing villages also increased by 25.7% to 1,216 people.

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