“Roskosmos” is praised by the ISS guard as a cosmic smite, but Russia itself did it

Yak povidomlyaє 24 channel, 16 cherdnya 2022 the fate of the ISS had a chance to sway in the face of cosmic darkness. The unsafe approach of the station to the object was predicted at 00:50 after the Kiev hour on 17 pm – at the distance of 285 meters.

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The decision to adjust the station’s orbit was praised for good reason and it was used to activate the engines of the Russian Progres MS-20 spacecraft docked to the Zirka service module of the Russian segment of the ISS.

The engines of the ship were propagated for 275 seconds, and the magnitude of the impulse was 0.5 m / s. As a result, the average height of the station’s orbit increased by approximately 890 meters.

Dmitry Rogozin, a late researcher for Roskosmos, commented on the situation.

I would like to confirm that at 22:03 Moscow time the engines of the Russian Progres MS-20 transport spacecraft carried out a planned maneuver to control the International Space Station in the face of an unsafe approach to a fragment of the Kosmos-1408 spacecraft.

De took the tricks of the companion

Rich at the time, that the tricks of the Russian satellite “Kosmos-1408” vanished testing of the Russian anti-satellite missile, yaku launched 2021 roku. Todi Russia, having spit on international domesticity, has found a companion, having made a cloud of uncontrolled ulamkivs in orbit, not all of them were far off in the distance.

Even though international knowledge was ahead of the danger of such a crock, but Russia cynically pointed out that it was ahead of us, saying that “everything is under control”, we well know why the country is a terrorist. As a result, the gloom of the cosmic smite in the planet’s orbit regularly becomes a threat to the ISS and the crew that is staying there.

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Russia is threatening the world

In addition, the representative of the US Department of State, Ned Price, said that the Russians would threaten the long-term stability of the space expanse, and also demonstrate the innocence of declaring that they would resist the deployment of missiles in space.

The Pentagon is aware that the anti-satellite armor, as it is spreading in Russia, can become a threat to the United States of those other lands.

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