Rita Dakota told how she accepted her father, suffering from alcohol addiction

Popular singer Rita Dakota recently spoke frankly about the problems of her father, Sergei Gerasimovich.

It turned out that the singer’s father had long been suffering from alcoholism, but for a long time he managed not to touch alcohol. However, at some point, Sergei Gerasimovich had a breakdown, and he got very drunk.

According to Dakota, in August, her father fell asleep drunk in the apartment, while no one could contact him. At that moment, the singer was very worried, because while they were looking for spare keys and opening the apartment, she began to fear the worst.

Fortunately, everything was in order with the father of the star, and he was alive and well, albeit in a state of extreme intoxication. True, after this incident, the man lost his job, and then his rented accommodation.

To help her father, Rita Dakota decided to send him to rehab. However, after some time, the man refused treatment, without going through it to the end.

Nevertheless, the celebrity claims that she did not criticize her father for such a decision, but instead simply accepted him as he is. Recall that the singer did not communicate with her father for a long time and established relations with him only in 2018.

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