Rent of communal premises for 1 hryvnia Klitschko explaining the mechanism for the defense forces

About tse behind pіdbags meeting of Kyivvradi, yak vydbulosya at four 23 chervnya, podomiv measures of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko.

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Behind the words Nickname, varty rent pay for the area, yaki change at the communal authority territorial community of the city of Kiev, installed at the rozmiri 1 hryvnia. Pilga expands on representatives of the security forces and defense of Ukraine.

A special procedure for the d_yatime in the prodovzh of the old military camp is that month after the yogo skasuvannya.

It is my responsibility to ensure the full functioning of the defense forces for the effective defense of Ukraine and the capital,
– said the mister’s head.

Also, the deputies praised the decision about the write-off of the fence for the land by the objects of defense and looked at the updated editorial office of the program “Protector of Kiev” – for the proper financing of the territorial defense of the capital.

Programs to ensure the life of people who have spent their homes

Okrіm tsgogo, the Kiev regional council praised 2 programs, directed to help in the recovery of life by people, as if they had wasted their houses in the aftermath of combat actions. About the head of the Kiev Regional Administration of the Republic of Ukraine Oleksiy Kuleba.

Zavdyaki tsim programs in the next hour we can open the life of 560 houses and rent 2000 apartments,
– having written vin at your telegram channel.

Vіn nominating, scho decision, yakі priymayutsya today – only the cob of innovation in Ukraine.

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