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The Russian dictator noted that a nuclear war “should not be unleashed.”

Putin commented on the likelihood of nuclear war / photo REUTERS

Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised with an unexpected statement about the likelihood of unleashing nuclear war. According to him, there will be no winners in such a confrontation.

The Russian dictator stated this in his congratulations to the participants of the X conference on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, writes a propaganda “RIA News”.

“We proceed from the fact that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be unleashed,” Putin said.

The dictator’s statement came after statements US President Joe Biden about his readiness to discuss with Russia a new nuclear weapons control system. However, the American leader stressed that a “conscientious partner” is needed for negotiations.

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Former Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hintedthat in the future his state may use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Later he again did not rule out such a possibility, however, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that nuclear weapons will not be used.

Prior to this, President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the world needs to get ready to a nuclear strike by the aggressor. In turn, Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office warned the Russian leadership against nuclear strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

At the US State Department threatened the Kremlin with consequences in the event of a nuclear attack on Ukraine.

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