Putin may want to strike all over Europe, – political scientist, letting the EU see the Kremlin

Political scientist Mykola Davidyuk spoke about channel 24. For yoga words, the people of these countries want to go to Europe.

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You know that all people in the territories controlled by Putin in Georgia and Moldova do not want to go to Russia, even if it is definitely not the same empire, for which people would want to die.

In addition, according to the opinion of the political scientist, Putin at once has more interests not in Moldova, but on behalf of all Europe.

“Those who started imitating the shelling of Estonia in advance, started to wonder, to “cut a corridor” through Lithuania – to talk about those who are no longer angry with Ukraine and Moldova,” – like Davidyuk.

For yoga words, the Russians do not get angry at Ukraine and Moldova, as if they were quiet, who want to deprive the soviet tabir of the Russian infusion, but start getting angry at the whole of Europe.

Russians joke around, where to hit, and think seriously about it. Therefore, NATO may be concerned about those that Putin might want to hit all over Europe. Bo Estonia and Lithuania today are one of the leaders of the EU on the contrary,
Davidyuk said.

On another thought, Putin can hit himself on these lands, that is not Moldova “under the gun”, but the whole of Europe.

Before the word, the European Parliament on 23 chernya pіdtrimav nadanny Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates at the EC. However, there will be a final decision about the candidacy at the eve of the EU summit in the evening.

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