Putin is no longer attached to dates, – the MVS was asked “deadlines of the Kremlin”

About tse 24 channel rozpov_v radnik of the Minister of MVS Viktor Andrusiv. Vіn also designating that Putin is no longer attached to specific dates, vіn attachment to goals.

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And Siverodonetsk and Lysichansk tse remains of the city of the Luhansk region and as a thief to zahopit їh – tse significant new control of the Russian occupiers over the Luhansk region, designating Andrusiv.

This is the first “tar” of Putin, and the attack is the slaughter of the Donetsk region. In this context, dates are not meaningful. Fighting attempt, like Russia threw on the capture of these regions, warehouse 60 battalion-tactical groups,
– Added by the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Andrusiv designates what has gone to the hoarding of Ukraine 106 battalion-tactical groupsthat is why I give an understanding of the number of occupiers, as if they are trying to take over the Luhansk region at once.

What does Lysychansk and Siverodonetsk say: important

The head of the Lugansk OVA Sergiy Gaidai rose, who occupied zahopili Loskutivka, Rai-Oleksandrivka and approached the suburbs of Lysychansk for a distance of 15 kilometers.

  • I once calmed down the people that the Ukrainian Ukrainians were embarrassed to see in the best positions, even though the Russians literally ran out of the settlements – there was no one to cry for.
  • In other words, the defense of Lisichansk is better organized, there are enough Ukrainian military men, like to know the enemy.
  • Russians can’t buy Siverodonetsk even though it’s tizhniv. At Lysichansk, as if they were going to go there, the situation in the occupiers will be more important.

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  • Gaidai also confirmed that all the necessary military and humanitarian help is delivered to Lysychansk. There are three evacuations. Everything is under control.
  • Gaidai added that the main reserves of Russian garrison in the Luhansk region were thrown at the capture of Siverodonetsk. Crimea, Toshkivka and Zolotoy.
  • At one time, Russian zagarbniks came up with the idea of ​​​​forcing the river Siversky Donets. This decision was praised through the great opportunity to spend a special warehouse and technology.

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