Putin found another luxurious mansion in Karelia (photo)

According to journalists’ investigation, the complex is located on the shores of Lake Ladoga. There is a two-story house with a brewery, two swimming pools, a trout farm and a marbled beef farm.

The president of Russia found another luxurious dacha called “Fisherman’s Hut”. The complex is located on the shore of Lake Ladoga, which is located in Karelia. In addition, the LLCInvest companies of Vladimir Putin’s friends, the oligarchs Yuri and Boris Kovalchukov, are involved in its construction. About it informs OCCRP Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Project, citing company letters.

According to journalists, on the territory of the mansion of the head of the Kremlin there is a two-story house in a futuristic style with an undulating roof, a spacious roof and a large outdoor dining area, there is also a brewery. With Austrian equipment worth 345,000 euros, 47 liters of beer per day can be produced here. On the second floor there is a tea room with a view of Lake Ladoga, and through a glass partition you can watch the process of making beer.

Also on the territory there are two small pools, a trout farm and a farm for the production of marbled beef.

It is noted that the value of the object is difficult to assess. According to estimates from June 2015, general construction work cost Vladimir Putin 187 million rubles. This amount does not include furniture, decoration, lighting and the cost of an architectural and design project.

According to the leaked documents, construction began on another house nearby in the summer of 2021, overlooking Lake Ladoga, but it is not known if the facility is ready.

How much does the furniture cost?

Among the finishing materials there are natural semi-precious stones lapis lazuli and labradorite. A large section of the floor is covered with Fior di Bosco marble, its approximate cost is $110,000. Plumbing in this house costs about 3 million rubles. There are bidets that cost $10,800 each and shower heads for $4,600 apiece, as well as an indoor pool with a decorative waterfall that flows from the ground floor.

The architects interviewed by journalists note that they obviously did not save money on renovating the house.

Putin's Palace

House interior render

The Kremlin’s reaction

In the Kremlin, to questions about LLCInvest companies, including those that own and operate the Fisherman’s Hut, they answered that “the President of the Russian Federation is in no way connected or affiliated with the objects and organizations you named.”

Recall that in 2021 the Alexei Navalny Foundation released an investigation about “Putin’s palace” in Gelendzhik for 100 billion rubles. On the territory of the residence there is an ice arena, which is actually buried underground, a church, a greenhouse, an amphitheater and an 80-meter bridge. It is sponsored by two state-owned companies, Rosneft and Transneft.

After that, the Krym.Realii resource released another investigation in which the journalists said that Putin built another palace in Crimea with an ice arena.

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