Prosecutor General of Russia: teenagers are being drawn into extremism through NGOs

Often, young people are drawn into extremism by non-profit organizations that receive funding from abroad. Already 56 such NGOs have been recognized as undesirable, said the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov June 24 at the coordinating council of prosecutors general of the CIS countries.

He noted that in Russia, as in most CIS countries, manifestations of extremism have been observed for more than a decade. Every year, extremism is spreading more and more, and minors are especially vulnerable to it.

“Often such destructive practices are coordinated by non-profit organizations funded from abroad. To counter such interference, Russian law provides for two special legal categories: a foreign agent and an undesirable organization.Krasnov said.

He clarified that to date, 56 foreign structures have been recognized in Russia as undesirable, their Internet resources have been blocked due to…

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