Previously, pandas lived in Europe and they did not eat bamboo.

Fossilized teeth of an ancient panda have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria.

Pandas once lived on the territory of modern Europe / Image by Velizar Simeonovski, Chicago

Giant pandas did not always live only in China and did not always love bamboo.

This is evidenced by a study published in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Scientists have reportedly discovered a pair of fossilized panda teeth in northwestern Bulgaria. This suggests that these cute bears once roamed Europe, where they ate much softer plants than their modern relatives.

According to scientists, Bulgarian pandas do not belong to the direct ancestor of today’s giant pandas, but to their close relative, who lived about 6 million years ago on the eastern edge of Europe.

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Experts say this species was about the same size or slightly smaller than modern pandas. Based on the material in which the fossil was found, the ancient panda probably lived in a swampy forest and fed on vegetation.

Recall that archaeologists have discovered the secret tomb of an ancient Egyptian commanderwho controlled the army of foreign mercenaries.

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