“Population census” and 10 thousand money: how people live in Mariupol

For the time being, the townspeople have been fenced off to deprive the place. About tse povіdomlyaє Head Department of Exploration of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 23 chervnya.

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Yak near Mariupol trivaє population census

Okupanti to conduct a “population census” in Mariupol and proponuyut servants from the funeral for 10,000 hryvnia,
– to move in remembrance.

Under the hour of the “population census” procedure, people require documents that will tell the person. So the stench may deprive your fingertips of your fingers.

At the same time, the city has a large number of groups of propagandistic TV channels that create false stories. The stench may be tasked with demonstrating the “improvement of a peaceful life.”

Also in the city there are private funeral teams from Russia. The price of their “services” is UAH 10,000 per body.

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Prices increase for everything

Prices for goods and services in Mariupol are growing strongly. Although the greater part of the population does not have a reasonable income.

For example, the variance of the second-half plate of the water is worth about 100 hryvnias. The variety of meat is also cosmic. Zokrema, pork cost 600 UAH.

Okupanty hang marіupoltsіv i znosit їхні budinki

Russian occupiers drive Mariupol residents to the street. The stench reminds the clerks about those who are going to carry out their houses. People can deliver speeches for one doba. What is actually impossible, zagarbniks nachhati. About tse rosіyani ahead of the paper’s goloshennyah.

At one time, Russian militants began to build “modular houses” for Mariupol residents, as they spent their house. The stench of the roztashovani once entrusted with the line of occupational defense.

It dawned on me that it’s not safe to live there. In this rank, the occupiers are again trying to hide behind the civilian population, fearing a Ukrainian attack.

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