Politician: Vučić will gradually introduce all sanctions against Russia

It is possible that the new government of Serbia will indeed deal with the issue of the status of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in the city of Nis, but not in order to give its employees diplomatic status, but in order to completely close it. This opinion was expressed IA REGNUM Serbian politician, leader of the Liberation movement Mladjan Djordjevic.

Recall that earlier on the website of the research and publishing center “Demostat” an article was published, which states that the Serbian authorities plan to change the status of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in order to then close this organization, which in ten years from the moment of its institutions have never been fully operational.

“The portal that published the article about the humanitarian center in Nis is engaged in research, and this information is unofficial. However, it is clear that this article was commissioned…

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