Pochalosya, hit the PPO and radars, – Reznikov, guessing the wounds of the 24th fierce

The first three winters of Reznikov spent the number of major holidays. About the Minister of Defense of Ukraine rose 12 chervnya.

Return respect Dozens of occupant victims at the Skhodі and Pivdni, missile threat from the sea: the main for the 110th day of the war

“They threw themselves into a new bed”

The beginning of the war began with a call about the 4th wound from the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and a laconic message: “It has begun. Hit the PPO and radars. Invasion”,
– to move in remembrance.

A group of radnikov with the president was fired with automatic rifles. Vaughn collapsed through the secret locations of the capital. “One of the most unhandy speeches was the shoranka’s new life,” – Reznikov told.

This tactic was part of the protocols, split up for an hour of top-secret planning before the invasion. Publicly, the president and minister of defense used the threat of war. Privately, the stench was prepared to the brim. Only now Reznikov can reveal some details.

The head cunning was supposed to denounce the “starry” military training of the mirror-like Russian and Belarusian navchans from the first fierce. Tse helped from the very cob of war, but be ready.

Tse buv led, which allowed us to taєmno vesti our military parts from the bases. When strikes began, our lads were not all at once in the same place, but they were ready with armor, ammunition and scattering along the edge,
– Appoint the Minister of Defence.

Ukrainians were getting ready. The stench took over the systems of anti-terrorist defense and attack aircraft, replacing them with mock-ups. They praised the new law on territorial defense, which would bring about 100,000 civilians in three days.

People organized themselves so clearly that the Russians didn’t mint for sure. The key moment was the decision of Volodymyr Zelensky to stay in Kiev. “The mustaches thought that the president would be cursing and shaping the order at the vignanni. But Zelensky had his own scenario,” Reznikov added.

Reznikov about France and Germany

The Minister of Defense is looking forward to seeing if there are any cracks in the good alliance. Vtoma – tse “natural psychological reaction to stress.” Prote hour vіd vіn vіn vіn vіdchuvaє rozcharuvannya.

In other words, the allies of Ukraine talk more about the rights and freedom of the people, but protect them. “Bureaucracy and pragmatism appeared to Zakhod richly strong for their value,” says Reznikov.

The Minister of Defense to say that for France and Germany, Ukraine is a drastic transition to a path to a comfortable life. However, I will stream my emotions during the hour of roaming with colleagues in Paris and Berlin.

I am professionally trained as a lawyer, so that’s it. Ale zgodom, unofficially, I can say a sprat to get the best words,
– to share Reznikov.

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