Petersburg will increase the salaries of officials by two salaries per year

The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg supported a bill to increase the salaries of officials and civil servants by two salaries per year. The document was discussed on June 23 at the next meeting of the city parliament, the correspondent reports. IA REGNUM.

“The bill proposes to increase the wage fund by two salaries of the official maintenance of persons replacing the civil service. Accordingly, by about 20% to increase the income of officials, deputies, persons equal to them, including the commissioner for human rights, for the rights of the child “– said a member of the city government Konstantin Sukhenkopresenting a bill.

According to the representative of the governor in the Legislative Assembly, officials and civil servants do not want to work for 60-65 thousand rubles a month. The increase in wages will increase the incomes of officials by 5,000 to 15,000 rubles a month. For example,…

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