Paulo Barbosa commented on the future of Arsen Zakharyan in Europe

Portuguese agent Paulo Barbosa commented on the future of 19-year-old attacking midfielder Dynamo Moscow and the Russian national team Arsen Zakharyan in Europe.

“I know about Zakharyan and Barcelona, ​​but it’s hard to say how much this interest can be transformed into an offer in the near future. With Xavi in ​​charge, Barcelona are not afraid to take risks. They can take a player who is not yet 100% established in the status of a future star. Barça can take a risk and take a player like Zakharyan.

Real Madrid have different rules. They take mostly those who are already fully established as a rising star. But, of course, all the top clubs in Europe know Zakharyan, they follow him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves this summer.

Where is there interest other than Spain? In Italy. From the top clubs that play in European competition. How much could it cost now? I think at least 25 million euros. Zakharian is a great talent. I do not see any moments that could prevent him from playing in Europe. He has…

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