Parade of planets June 24, 2022. What awaits Ukraine and the world

Astrologers consider the parade of planets to be an event filled with powerful energy.

The alignment of the planets is a projection illusion in which you can observe in the sky how some planets line up. This year, on June 24, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon will be in the same row. According to science focus, this is a unique phenomenon that could be seen 18 years ago. The next one will be in 2040. For astronomers, a line of several planets is a familiar event that occurs once a year. However, when five or six planets line up in a row, this happens very rarely.

For astrologers, this is an event filled with powerful energy. This is the time when you need to make wishes, set goals, think through plans.

All planets affect each person in different ways. Depending on the sign of the zodiac and many other indicators that can be read in his natal chart.

Astrological forecast

During the parade of the planets, Venus will connect with Uranus – the planet of surprises and surprises, it can give a surge of emotions in romantic affairs. Unexpected acquaintances can take place, which will lead to emotional and fulfilling relationships. Astrologers advise using this period for spiritual practices. Do yoga, meditation, oracle work. This is a good day for mapping desires.

According to the astrologer Marina Skadi, from June 23 to July 18, Venus – the planet of beauty, harmony, entered the sign of Gemini. And in this zodiac sign, she is distinguished by her variability and sociability. In the sphere of relationships, there will be a duality of opinions, so you need to be careful. Especially with financial matters.

It is also worth considering that from June 21 to July 23 there is a transit of the Sun in the zodiac sign Cancer. Events from the past will return, attachment to the family, to your home will increase. You can better understand the ideal place of residence. During this period, many return to their roots.

The Sun, moving through Cancer, promotes emotional uplift, subtle perception of the world around us, and insight. The mental state of the individual comes to the fore. Astrologers recommend spending more time with family, strengthening emotional and sensory ties.

In addition, the negative karmic point Black Moon moves along the sign of Cancer. The Sun conjuncts her on June 30th. Therefore, the period from June 28 to July 1 will be very difficult. A particularly difficult day on June 29 is the New Moon in Cancer near the Black Moon, which will raise painful topics related to the homeland, family, and home. People with a fine mental organization are at risk. But in a few days the situation will change for the better. Fateful decisions will be made that will bring the date of the end of hostilities closer.

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