Panic preparation: a naphthine refinery was planted at the Belarusian Mozira, the elite is moving out of place

For tribute, the channel 24 in the Ukrainian special services, in preparation for an immovable attack on our state, was linked to the over-the-top activity of the Belarusians near Mozira. On 22 chervnya, a large number of abandoned people entered the territory of the oil refinery.

wonder so Belarus vіdkrito ready to invade Ukraine

From the territory of the refinery in the region, the importation of the pallet was actively started. As much as you can, if you come in, you’ll be fooled by the fight against the Belarusian ceramics industry without firing at the blow to the entrepreneurship.

Business-elite to bring homeland and values ​​of the yakomoga

  • The actual evacuation from Mozyr began after 20 chernya. Foreign individuals began to organize the evacuation of their own homelands across the cordon or to the Belarusian breeding grounds.
  • At the same time, zim stinks ensured the vivenzenny of high-quality speeches and koshtovnosti.
  • At the plant itself, 22 chervnias were recorded on the territory of the oil refinery, when sacked people in dark clothes and with white bandages on their hands arrived at the refinery. In addition, the protection of the object will be taken care of by the police.
  • It’s impossible for Belarusians to take a pallet from the Mozyr Oil Refinery to the same place in Belarus.

Come on in at the secret services to show not only the immovirnim entry at the side of Belarus, ale y z tim, scho mіstsevі elіti razumіyut nasledki tsygo. Everyone knows that in the face of uninterrupted aggression, Ukraine can be militantly moved in the position of not taking strikes at military objects in our not friendly maritime republic. This means that the ZSU can hit the oil refinery, warehouses with ammunition, airfields and other areas, as if they were to be taken near the zone of obvious attack.

In Belarus, it is important that people endure everything

Nearer to Lukashenka, individuals are more afraid of the recent uninterrupted participation of Belarus in the war, but not through the primary rallies on the side of the population. The generals did not look at options for opposing power on the side of the population in the direction of accepting a long-term decision.

Under the hour of various people, if some of the military leaders had broken the nourishment of the reaction to the war on the side of the people, all the high-ranking settlers converged on the thought that Belarusians had turned into slaves, and in fact, they could not repair the 24th fierce support. The generals were constantly arguing that the so-called “foreign partisanship” was not such a mass one, as if it had really set Russia to conduct battles. Other tests against the side of Belarusians were not fixed by anyone.

Lukashenka is also accused of what Belarusians can endure, including the flow of string workers from Ukraine. More importantly, Russia will be directly affected by the protests. However, no one is responsible for the guarantees of the security of Belarus itself from the side of Putin. More so, if you live in your own world, “remake” your skin day, you hear about the “capture of Kiev.” And in the absence of a nevidomy unmanned aerial vehicle, it flies through all the PPO systems on a distance of over 100 kilometers and at your place burning oil refinery.

It’s less likely that Lukashenka’s army will enter Ukraine for a few kilometers, to predict, if everything is going to be hoarse, no one can. Without the uninterrupted participation of Russia, it is unlikely that they will be able to fully resist the ZSU, the guards, the National Guard and the policemen of Belarus. And in the face of the failure of the campaign, there are no guarantees for the demilitarization of Belarus.

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