Owners of 164,000 land plots are being sought in Chuvashia

In Chuvashia, the number of land objects without rights in the USRN has decreased by 26.3 thousand over the year, but owners of another 164 thousand land plots are yet to be found. About it IA REGNUM reported in the management of Rosreestr for Chuvashia following the results of the board.

The issue of filling the Unified State Register of Real Estate was brought up for discussion. In particular, special attention is paid to the implementation of the federal law on identifying the right holders of previously registered real estate objects who began to own real estate before 1998, that is, before the law on state registration of real estate came into force. During the year in Chuvashia, the number of such objects without rights in the USRN decreased by 26.3 thousand objects, more than 11 thousand owners registered their rights.

But there is a lot of work ahead: according to the department, the owners of 164 thousand land plots will have to be found…

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