Okupanty tried to hit two with Oniks missiles in Odesa region: PPO failed

Zranka 20 chervnya Russian soldiers again tried to shell the Odessa region. Yak is assigned to the operational command “Pivden”, the enemy fired two “Oniks” missiles.

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Vorozhi missiles hit the PPO forces

Luckily, the Oniks-type missiles were able to beat down the PPO forces at the periphery. Russian zagarbniks released from the missile system, a kind of distribution on the territory of the Timchas-paid Crimea.

We see that rocket attacks were two for qiu dobu:

  • At night, the enemy was trying to beat the Bіlhorod-Dnistrovsky region.
  • Natomist rank – according to Odessa itself.

Zranka in Odessa was pierced by vibukhs

For a while, the mass telegram channels were told about those who are restless early in Odessa. Mіstsevі Meshkantsi felt vibuhi. Three words of Odessa, in the sky above the city, the forces of the PPO went far to shoot down a Russian missile.

We respect that vibukhs lulled under the hour of deafening of repeated anxiety. Nevdovzі, about 07:34 in the region gave a signal about the departure.

Probably, the risk of missile strikes is still too high. Also, in any case, do not ignore the lilacs, and negainly break up to a gathering, if the stench prolunayut. Perebuvat in ukritty next dot until you are informed about the way. Such a simple mechanism could save your life.

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