Okupanty stole the largest sleepy station in Ukraine near Tokmak, as it was for the deputies of the Opposition Platform for Life

Miscellaneous bagmen remind that the sleepy panels were dismantled, packed and transported for a three-hour hour. And the area of ​​the station is like that of 100 football fields.

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What do you know about the station

SES 50 MW “Tokmak Solar Energy” in Tokmak near Zaporizhia region – the largest sleepy power plant in Ukraine. Її area – 96 hectares. The intensity of the station was 50 MW.

Behind the words of the journalist Denis Kazansky, the rulers of this enterprise – mіstsevі deputies in the Opoblok party Ruslan Bozhko and Oleksandr Rєpkin.

That vipadok, if they minted for Russia – and they minted,
– Ironically journalist.

Russians are constantly stealing Ukrainian mines

On the largest scale, Russian occupiers are stealing Ukrainian food, and itself – grain. Following the words of the intercessor of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Taras Visotsky, the garrisoners stole over a million tons of grain from the time-filled territories of Ukraine.

The export of agricultural products is important for boosting the budget of Ukraine. Russia is trying to weaken the economy of our state, through which it increases the export of grain. For this reason, Russia blocked Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea, allowed Ukraine access to the Sea of ​​Azov and ruined railroad infrastructure.

In addition, the Russians steal more expensively – people. Behind the words of the vice premier – the minister for the reintegration of the time of the hourly payback of the territories Irina Vereshchuk, the Russian occupiers deported 1.2 million citizens of Ukraine to the territory of Russia.

Occupants navit stole from the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. About theft or poverty 698 computers, 344 cars, 1500 radiation dosimeters, practically all fire extinguishing and software security. The total cost of this lane is 135 million dollars.

Kradizhki are worth not only material, but also culture. Merezhey the video began to expand, de Russian spivak vikonu Skryabin’s song “Mom”, the truth, my Russian. Before this, the propagandists insisted that the Ukrainian stench would be taken away like a trophy.

Video before those – grain stolen from Ukraine already in Syrian port, – CNN

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